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What's the deal?

A 6-month, open access program to allow you the time and space to bring it all together and express your potential. Deeply clarify and make meaning of your journey to this point, and create what’s possible at your next level destination. Design a brand-new framework and integrate multiple contending priorities.

Priorities for growth can include:

  • Personal

  • Professional

  • Potential

  • Performance

  • Purpose & Meaning

  • Well-being & Health

  • Spiritual

  • Relationships – self, other, world

  • Leadership

  • Contribution

  • Legacy

Who’s it for?


  • Previously successful people who’re at a stage, challenge or opportunity, they may never have encountered before. They aren’t exactly sure, but they know something’s there for them and that investing in the process always yields value.

  • They’re experienced in personal and professional development and already understand the amplifying, accelerating, enriching power of coaching. They’re usually able to approach situations from a more strategic position.

  • They may regularly deal in high complexity and high aspiration, with high accountability.

  • It’s often people such as performance minded athletes & coaches, executives & other professionals, business owners & leaders, but is available to anyone looking for a whole new level for themselves, in how they live and what they do.

What would I get from it?

  • Next level outcomes and personal ways of being

  • Significant savings in time, energy, and money

  • Smooth integration of happiness, health, performance, and purpose

  • A cutting edge, body-mind learning approach option to leverage significant breakthroughs

  • An authentic professional to completely serve you, find reason to believe in your potential, and your worthiness to achieve, and express it

  • A safe and fertile learning space where you can be who you need and want to be, rather than how others have perceived you to be

What do I need to have, to do it?


  • Mostly a commitment to yourself – to explore your potential and what’s possible for you, and of course create great outcomes. And to match that intent with the requisite time, attention and space.

How much does it cost?


  • This 6-month program investment is structured entirely on your needs and aspirations. Fees are provided after our preliminary discussions to clarify goals, expectations and program requirements.

How does it work?


  • Please email me or use the enquiry form to make contact, and we’ll arrange a time to meet and discuss your situation, what we could address, and how we could collaborate. No obligation of course.

Why 6 months?

This program is designed to help people aiming for great things, who don’t want to waste any time hitting them. It addresses and integrates many areas of life with a different approach than before, in order to yield a completely different type of outcome. Significant growth and development isn’t something that can be fast tracked, rather it wants to be explored and refined over time, allowing uncovered details time to embed. Time is also required to develop the requisite trust and rapport in the collaborative relationship, learn about how we can learn and progress best, detect any “false dawns”, and deeply connect with what has most meaning to you. The 6-month timeframe takes “time pressure” out of the equation. Exploring, learning, and playing with intended outcomes is then leveraged.

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