Temper is a specialised coaching firm.

We use an Ontological approach to help you get to the root of your behaviours and the results you get or don't get from those behaviours.

We don't play a small game though. No matter who we are working with we play for keeps.

With Temper you get access to much more than an individual coach. When you engage Temper you get access to our entire team of world-class coaches, consultants, specialists and experts.

With our extended network we have access to resources that will give you what you need when you need it.


The Temper Team has worked with some of the biggest and best companies, government and non-government organisations, and individuals around the world.


So what's the process? 

You've read through the website, maybe you were introduced by someone you know and trust, maybe you were lucky enough to meet one of us and you want to move to the next step. 

How do you do it and what can you expect?

Well if you've gotten this far the next step would be to reach out via our contact info, or one of the multiple buttons on this website. 

Then we would move through the following steps

1. Assess

To see if we'd work well together we'll go through:

  • Why you made contact with us

  • How you think we might be able to help

  • Specifically what you’re looking for

  • Our service: what we do and don’t do

  • Our viability – are we a good fit?

2. Design

Once we decide to work together, it's time to scope the project:

  • Establish the purpose for the coaching, including goals

  • Plan how we want to best work together

  • Agree on how we’ll evaluate our work

  • Clarify expectations, roles & conditions for success

  • House keeping stuff

3. Explore

Now we've set up our target and parameters, it's time to get into it:

  • Targeted conversations for each session, as part of the overall project

  • Allowing new awareness, insights and clarity to arise

  • Generate ideas, solutions & practical actions

  • Create strategies

  • Consolidate our learning as we go

4. Evaluate

We make sure to check in on our progress and see how it's all going:

  • Your progress in relation to your goals and purpose

  • Our working relationship: what to keep, stop and start

  • Overall learnings: bigger picture, personal, transferrable

5. Repeat

We do this as required, your engagement with us is completely customizable:

  • We might repeat all of the above, or part

  • Completely dependant on each situation

  • Time frames for this process will vary